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Skilled & experienced

NZ Tile has been operating in the Auckland isthmus in excess of 6 years. We provide skilled experienced tilers and modern equipment to turn your dreams into reality. We provide high-quality workmanship and complete projects on time. It is our goal to deliver satisfaction to our clients and bring a smile to their faces.

Scope of our expertise…

  • Setting up tile layout as per plan or best possible fit.
  • Cutting and installing tiles, including ceramic, slim tech, marble, stone, slate, terracotta, terrazzo to
    floors, walls, swimming pools, fireplaces and other custom designs
  • Installing tile and slate underlay, construct tile/stone steps, risers and etc.
  • Application of waterproofing to floors and walls
  • Screeding and compound levelling
  • Silicone and epoxy grout finishing
  • Other incidental work like anti fracture, surface crack repair and etc.